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Breakfast Bar from 6 30 /12 30

Following the reports from our customers,  we have seen, that most of our guests, for reasons of time (early morning departures or late arrivals ,  early tours , early  appointments ),
they could not use the breakfast service included in the price of the room.  Therefore, in order to meet the needs of our guests, we decided to deliver to our guests  a voucher for breakfast, valid for the duration of the stay, to be delivered at the Café Bar  situated just in front of the Hotel and enjoy this service from  06:30 am until 12:00 am. Breakfast consists of a croissant which can be combined with a choice of a cappuccino , espresso, tea, milk , coffee etc..  This service offers a simple Italian breakfast, but give to the guest the advantage of always being able to use it  even when the departure is very early to the contrary or when you want to sleep a little more. 

All our rooms are equipped with laptop

All our rooms are equipped with laptop - Hotel Viennese Due

All our rooms are provided with laptops, at the complete disposal of our guests, of course the connection is free and unlimited. We will provide the WiFi password to all our guests who want to use their own computer, phone , tablet .