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We would appreciate your reservation by e-mail or fax.


For booking ,with fax ,please included ,if you have ,the correct address e mail, where will send you our confirmation.


Please include your full name


Telephone full number of your home / office  and if possible a mobile phone




Type of room desired:


Arrival and departure date:


The price of each night:


Arrival time:


Credit card dates : Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Jvc


(number of your credit card, and expiration date)


We will hold your credit card dates only to guarantee your reservation and not for pay in advance.










Please note that ,there will be no charge if you cancel your reservation by fax or e- mail ,within 72 hrs before your scheduled date of arrival.If you don't cancel your reservation within 72 hours and if you don't arrive,we will charge on your credit card the "no show" fee, which is  the room rate for the first night.


All our rooms are equipped with laptop

All our rooms are equipped with laptop - Hotel Viennese Due

All our rooms are provided with laptops, at the complete disposal of our guests, of course the connection is free and unlimited. We will provide the WiFi password to all our guests who want to use their own computer, phone , tablet .