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Parking free on Holidays


Although we are  in the historical center, the  access to our hotel  it is allowed without any traffic limitation because there are no barriers or prohibitions of entry to the area where we are located.
 It is possible to park the car inside the blue stripes on the street  from 08.00 to 19.00, by paying 
1 Euro / hour
(Sundays and holidays, it's free)
 or by paying 6.00 euro will be possible to  park the car  up to 8 consecutive hours, or parking your car inside the white stripes will be free of charge without any time limitation.
We advise you not to park on yellow stripes set aside the street  for loading and unloading, and especially in spaces reserved for disabled, into the city because the controls are very frequent and you risk being fined easily.          

All our rooms are equipped with laptop

All our rooms are equipped with laptop - Hotel Viennese Due

All our rooms are provided with laptops, at the complete disposal of our guests, of course the connection is free and unlimited. We will provide the WiFi password to all our guests who want to use their own computer, phone , tablet .